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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Evolution of a shot

Here's a sequence of every image from a shoot Rom and I did recently. It shows the progress of setting up the light, the set and the composition.It also reveals how much time and effort we put into getting the expression juuust right!
Big thanks to On One software and their new iPod Touch remote trigger for the 5DII. Works first time every time!

Video Shoot

Well I finally got around to shooting a video clip with the 5DII. Marc Collis is about to release an album and the first track is a song called 'I Miss Everything'. We shot it at Montsalvat in Melbourne, and Miranda was trying out the latest steps for us in the background. I used Apple Color for the grading, but I went a little overboard. I'll try to be more subtle next time! Molly Meldrum gave the video a spin on channel Seven's Sunrise the other morning.
I've got a couple more videos coming up in the diary. I'll be using a Steadicam for those. Not quite the same as sticking the camera on a tripod.