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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Lynchian Bride

Lynchian Bride
Originally uploaded by brendan.oshea
Me and Rom picked the worst day to do an outdoor shoot. We had to keep the gals inside cars until the last minute because the 50 kmh winds made their hair and makeup look like they'd just woke up after a drunken night on the town.We had to change the concept a little since there was no way we'd get a glamour shot, so we went for a kind of David Lynch/Steven Klein thing. We used 4 bare 580EXII's since there was no way to put a brolly up. Even then I had 2 flashes hit the concrete from the stands being blown over.
We tried in vain to fire a flash through a scrim but it was like a kite, and nearly dragged the wardrobe girl across town. Next time we'll check the weather report.