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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Marc Collis

Marc Collis
Originally uploaded by brendan.oshea
Marc is ex-frontman for Melbourne band Whiteroom. We spent a couple of hours getting promo shots for his new projects. Very talented guy. Check him out playing live with Whiteroom. Just go to Youtube and type in Marc Collis.
Lighting was a couple of Sunpak 383 Supers triggered by Elinchrom Skyports. The one on camera right was fired through a 2ft x 2ft softbox with the softbox slightly above head height. This puts more emphasis on the face with some nice subtle falloff below that. You can see the softbox creeping into shot top right. I've since photoshopped it out. A bare 383 fired from camera left lit the background. The post production technique is pretty much the same as I've documented on a couple of my other shots.