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Thursday, October 4, 2007

quarters jump

quarters jump
Originally uploaded by brendan.oshea
This looks like a composite, but is actually a single shot. It's for the cover of the Quarter's new CD. If I had a bigger studio I would have been able to blow out the background to avoid the shadows, but I'll get rid of some of the more troublesome ones in Photoshop later.
This the first session with Pocket Wizards instead of my trusty Skyports. Lighting was 2 Sunpak 383's either side and slightly behind the band fired into brollys. Front light was a bare Canon 430EX.
I had a fair idea of how Chris was going to jump, so I got Ivan (on the left) to lean over a little so he'd be peeking through the gap.
This was like the second take and it worked out pretty good. Working with musicians is pretty good sometimes because when I count them in for the shot, they're on it. For some people it's like "1-2-3...blink!"