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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Band Who Knew Too Much

The Band Who Knew Too Much
Originally uploaded by brendan.oshea
I spent a couple of hours with these guys and did some shots at the bar, some at a boxing gym, and a couple of these more formal shots for a promo poster. This was a challenge to light because of the cramped room we were in and the low dark ceiling. But I still wanted a more dramatic backlit look. I ended sticking a couple of Sunpak 383's in the back corners just out of shot, firing into the group, and a brollied 430EX filling in front. The classic problems with this shot are:

1: keeping everyone in the frame evenly lit

2: with the lights in such close proximity to the subject, light falloff was a major problem. The guys closest to the light were in danger of blowing out, while the ones further away were potentially in darkness.

Ordinarily I'd have the lights much further out to prevent that, but the room was way too small.
(I'm kinda surprised the shot worked out actually.)